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Online Therapy vs. In Person Therapy

How to Choose What Works For You

Online Therapy vs. In Person: Services

Online Therapy

What Some Clients Like About Online Therapy:

  • Convenient (No commute. Have a session anywhere with internet)

  • Comfortable (Sit in your favorite chair, outside or drink coffee while engaging in therapy)

  • Confidential (avoid waiting in the public lobby)

  • Consistent Care (continue care with your therapist even when you travel, move, go on holiday, during bad weather or quarantine). 

  • Creative Scheduling (ex. lunch hour or break period during school or work).

  • No Face Mask Required

What Some Clients Don't Like

  • Occasional technical glitches (poor sound quality or internet connection-depending on weather or your internet connection)

  • Difficulty reading body language

  • Threat of someone at home or work overhearing or interrupting their session

Teen Psychologist

In Person Therapy

What Some Clients Like About In Person Therapy:

  • Confidential (Meet with therapist in their office)

  • See Someone Face-to-Face

  • Leave Your Work with Therapist

  • Office/therapy space provided

  • Less distraction from work or home

  • Access to sandtray therapy and art supplies in therapist office

  • Traditional form of therapy that most are used to and comfortable with.

What Some Clients Don't Like:

  • Taking time off of work or scheduling time to drive or commute to the therapist's office. 

  • Wearing a face mask during session.


Provides Online Therapy

  • Offered at Recover & Rebuild Counseling, LLC

  • Just as effective as the other treatment

  • Confidential

  • The same cost

  • Provided by the same therapist, Macy Gardipee, MA, LPC and are 45-60 minutes long

Call Macy at (210) 816-1524 or email to schedule an appointment today. 

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