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Individual Counseling for Adults

Individual Counseling for Adults: Find Results Where You Are With Recover & Rebuild Counseling.

Life is complicated, convoluted, and rarely ever slowing down enough for us to catch our breath. It is no wonder that we can end up out of sorts, struggling to respond to the challenges that we must meet. When life becomes overwhelming it can impact us in a variety of ways. From our person-to-person relationships to our dreams and career pursuits, we must find ways to overcome the hurdles and roadblocks in our way.

One of the best ways to tackle emotional or mental roadblocks in a safe and confidential space is by signing up for adult counseling services with Recover & Rebuild Counseling.

Adult Counseling Services: Make A Winning Change For Tomorrow, Today!

Individual adult counseling services are THE ideal way to address the issues that are most impacting us on a day-to-day basis. This kind of one-on-one personalized care allows for Macy Gardipee, MA, LPC to connect with her clients to better understand them.

  • 45-60-Minute Sessions Once Per Week

  • Remote Therapy Therapy Available

Macy is a professional counselor in the State of Texas and West Virginia with experience as a trauma-informed and strengths-based counselor. A devout believer in self-care, Macy looks forward to guiding her clients from where they are at to where they wish to be.

Explore Solutions With Recover & Rebuild Counseling

No matter where we are at in life, we can find solace in taking steps to better ourselves in the future. Recover & Rebuild Counseling is led by Macy Gardipee, MA, LPC, out of the Charleston, West Virginia area. A Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling, Macy is a trauma-informed, people-oriented, and strengths-based counselor who loves to help her clients to meet their goals.

Adult Counseling Services: About Me
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