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Career Counseling

How Career Counseling Helps Propel YOU Toward Your Professional Goals.

After completing education, it can feel like life launches us into the world without much guidance. When it comes time to plan a career path, it can be easy to get lost, confused, or simply out of sorts with our initial career goals. Time spent working without direction is time spent working in the wrong direction. This is where the best career counseling individual therapy near me can become such an important service!

How can career counseling and individual therapy near me help to clarify my career goals?

Career Counseling Advantages

When professionals feel stuck or lost upon their career track, it can feel hard to find motivation. Career counseling can operate as an effective way to get kickstarted back into the right direction once again. Career counseling with Macy Gardipee, MA, LPC, will help clients to untangle many different questions and concerns that they might have.

Here are a few key advantages to signing up for career counseling services!

  • Free Initial Intake — All career-focused individual therapy sessions start with a free 30-minute phone consultation to explore what services would best suit the client.

  • Skill & Resume Review — After counseling sessions begin, Recover & Rebuild Counseling will help their clients to look over their values, skills, and assets within their chosen career field. This review is ideal for setting the stage to follow in the search for a smoother career journey.

  • Proper Evaluation — With a third-party professional in the room, it is finally possible to truly and fully evaluate our skills and weaknesses. A career counselor can give us the unbiased feedback we need to make better decisions for our careers today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Recover & Rebuild Counseling was founded by Macy Gardipee, MA, LPC. Macy is a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience working among all ages, backgrounds, and career paths.

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